How to make the upcoming exams successful?

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What should be the attitude of parents during the exams? :-

These days, with the growing trend of getting good marks and results, parents put excessive pressure on the child. This pressure depresses the child and he forgets everything what he has learnt. Being a parent, we should focus on increasing the knowledge of the child instead of getting good marks. Generally, it is observed that students who are rank holders during their childhood days become low performer and can’t attain much height in their future as their knowledge was limited to books only and those who were average those days touch the horizon because of their practical and analytical abilities.

What should children do during exams days? 

Children should be firmly determined that we have studied with the goal of increasing our knowledge, we will write, what we have learnt. Don’t pressurise yourself, pressure will impact your performance in the exams. Remember, if you fail in the examination life, no worries. Never fails the test of life. It is often seen that, “Those who pass in the examination life, when such pressure comes, they fail in the examination of life. We must be careful that time.

How to reduce the nervousness of the mind? 

Increase the positive energy inside yourself to reduce the nervousness of your mind. When you start writing the paper, enchant the name of God at least nine times. Take a deep Breath and start writing your paper. The time you write the first word, you should inhale. This will result in building your confidence and you will perform fairly good in paper too.

What is important sacrament or career?

Study alone can’t build your career. If study had only contributed to make good career then the highly educated people would have never become terrorist. All these things are not right. Studying is of great importance in our life but it is not only the requirement for building career. Comprehensive development is necessary to move forward in our life. Those parents who insist their child to study but forget to develop their child’s human values are the enemies of their child.

How do children learn?

Parents are solely the creator of a child. They should teach their child well and develop values in them. Those parents who give their child everything but do not teach them values should remember that this can have adverse results in their child’s life Such children will never be loyal to their parents in future. It should also be noted that good human values are the capital of our lives, we should focus towards them not only bookish studies.


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